Jabran Niaz – Pakistani Businessman Among Top 10 Amazon Sellers


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

Jibran Niaz is a Pakistani businessman and the CEO of Utopia Deals has been listed amongst the top 5 Amazon seller in the world.

While talking exclusively to anchorperson Faysal Aziz Khan on BOL News, CEO of Utopia Deals Jibran Niaz explained that his company Utopia Deals is working in different fields and proposed innovative products for customers around the world including home interiors decors, kitchen accessories, napkins, towels, bedcovers, pillow covers and other products.

The CEO further added that his firm Utopia Deals sells different products on Amazon in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain. Italy and other European countries.

While telling about the yearly trade Jibran Niaz said that his firm has managed to earn $360 million a year.

Note that the firm has more than 6 million consumers, sold over 20 million products worldwide and has more than 70 million product views along with its worldwide occupancy in the 5 continents and 11 countries of the world.

Jibran Niaz told that his firm was mostly sent goods from China, but in the past few years, Utopia Deals installed its production factory in Pakistan and the name of the factory dubbed as Utopia Industries which has exported approximately $30 million in the current fiscal year of 2021.

The CEO also said that Utopia Industries generated about 4,000 direct jobs in Karachi in its 7 production facilities adding that the firm has acquired its mark in various marketplaces such as Amazon, Jet, Walmart, Shopify, Google, and eBay.

CEO Jibran Niaz stated that his firm works on the principles of synergy and growth and his entires teams are the assets of the firm and teamwork are the most important aspect of the exponential growth of Utopia Deals.

The CEO of Utopia Deals also vowes to remain at forefront of the values and mission of his firm and to be the best in the market and to continue to value the human capital.