IG NHMP’s new strategy starts yielding positive results


Islamabad – Press Release:

Inspector General of National Highways and Motorways Police Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam’s new strategy has seen an increase in the performance of National Highways and Motorway Police. This can be gauged from the performance of first four months of the year 2020 with the current year 2021۔ The new strategy includes special patrolling on Motorways and Highways at specific times, general road safety education, formation of special campaign teams for specific areas, sections, and easy availability of road safety gadgets on Highways and Motorways. Motorway Police has achieved another hallmark in service delivery by increasing the enforcement 81% in the first four months of 2021 as compare to 2020. During the period, due to uniform implementation of traffic rules by the National Highways and Motorway Police, fines have increased by 78 % by imposing 2.1 billion fine as compared to 1.2 billion were imposed in the last year 2020.
There has also been a significant reduction in fatal and non-fatal accidents during the reported period. Reported 112 accidents in 2021 with a decrease of 19% as compared to 138 fatal accidents in 2020, only 93 accidents reported in 2021 with a decrease of 63% in the context of 251 non-fatal accidents in 2020. The death toll from accidents has also dropped by 23 % and the number of injured by 50 per cent. Motorway police have also seen a 54% reduction in crime on Motorways and highways under the new strategy and effective patrolling. Timely assistance to the passengers stranded on Motorways and Highways is one of the core values of the Motorway Police and this year has seen 74% increase in passenger assistance compared to 2020. Due to various measures taken by the National Highways and Motorways Police this year, the force has seen 82% increase in good work done category. The Road Safety Awareness Campaign by the National Highways and Motorways Police is playing a key role and this year 90% more road safety awareness campaigns than last year have shown their impact in this year. National Highways and Motorways The performance of the police is commendable.