DRAP to issue private vaccine importers NoC within 24 hours


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan will issue no-objection certificates within 24 hours permitting private organisations to import COVID-19 vaccines, said CEO Dr Asim Rauf on Thursday.

Private companies, hospitals and civil society organisations will be facilitated “out of queue” if they fulfill all DRAP requirements, he said at a press conference in Islamabad.

The way to import the vaccine is explained on the DRAP website.

Companies that want to import the vaccines commercially basis will need to ensure they have an agreement with the country’s agency which will provide them the vaccines. 

After securing the agreement, they can download form 5A on the DRAP website. Fill in this form and submit it to the DRAP office, Dr Rauf said.

“The DRAP registration board will prioritise it and give the vaccine emergency use authorisation on an urgent basis.” 

Hospitals (both private and public) and other institutions can also import any COVID-19 vaccine of their choice. They should make it clear that it is on a commercial basis.

They can download the application for their employees, doctors and staff from our website, the CEO said.

Three things, however, need to be ensured:

  • The vaccine has been granted an EUA in the country they wish to buy from
  • A certificate of analysis from the importers
  • Proof that they have sufficient storage for the vaccines

“Once they fulfill these requirements DRAP will issue them NoCs within 24 hours to import the vaccine.”

Many agencies also want to bring vaccines as donations, the DRAP CEO said.

They need to make sure that the vaccine is freely available in the country they are bringing it from. They can submit an application to us along with a certificate of analysis. 

They should also have clearance from the country’s regulatory body, he added.

These documents and vaccine storage conditions should be submitted to DRAP for approval.

This mechanism has been developed to ensure that good quality vaccines are available for people, explained Health Director-General Dr Rana Safdar.

“No compromise will be made on the quality of the vaccine.”

He added that sufficient COVID-19 vaccines are available in the country and he urged people to register for the shots at the earliest.