Pakistan Demographic Survey (PDS-2020)


Islamabad – Press Release:

Pakistan Demographic Survey (PDS) is one of the most important surveys of PBS in which Demographic and Vital Statistics are collected. Data on Demographic trends is required for planning and policy making. The main objective of this survey is estimation of growth rate of population and other important Demographic Indicators i.e. Crude Death Rate (CDR), Crude Birth Rate (CBR), Total Fertility Rate (TFR) etc. Therefore, PDS remained a regular activity of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics since 1984. Now PBS has decided to conduct PDS-2020 and for the first time the data will be collected electronically through Tablet. Further, female enumerators of PBS will be engaged for the conduct of PDS exercise. Data collection has initiated in the field from 28th April, 2021. Enumeration team will visit selected households for the said purpose. In this regard, cooperation is required from citizen of Pakistan to fulfill this National task.