Pakistani leaders urged to join hands for Kashmir cause


Muzaffarabad – Shoaib Mehmood:

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has called upon the national political leadership of Pakistan to rise above their petty political differences and join hands for the important national cause of Kashmir.

“Voices in favour of the rights of Kashmiri people are being heard in many parliaments of the world… We direly need to take advantage of this environment and further mobilize the global public opinion about our cause. And this job can be done well by the political leadership of Pakistan, particularly the parliamentary leaders,” he said in an interaction with media persons.

“They should forget their domestic political differences, pay visits to different parts of the world in a serious effort to expand their contacts with government officials, parliamentary counterparts, media and civil society for the benefit of the oppressed Kashmiris struggling for their internationally acknowledged democratic right to self determination,” he added.

The AJK President was of the view that AJK political parties also needed to unite at a single platform in order to play an active role in support of their freedom seeking brethren across the divide.

Drawing attention to the plight of thousands of innocent Kashmiris,incarcerated in various Indian prisons for several years, Mr Khan said they were at serious risk of contracting Covid-19 amidthe devastating second wave of deadly viral disease in neighbouring India.

“India must release all innocent Kashmiri detainees, unconditionally and without further delay, particularly after it has been going through a nightmarish situation caused by the pandemic,” he demanded.

Of the upcoming AJK elections, Mr Khan asserted that the exercise would be held in a fair and free manner to strengthen the democratic struggle of Kashmiri people for right to self-determination.

“The free and fair elections in this territory should be publicized not only at the national but also at the international level so that the world knows that we believe in transparent democratic process and want to decide our future in a similar way by participating in a United Nations sponsored impartial plebiscite,” he said.