I was released after Sheikh Rasheed’s call: Meera


Meera, who recently went viral following reports of her being admitted into a psychiatric facility in the United States, has now responded to the rumours that surfaced about her mental health and her private affairs last week.

The star had previously, via actor Imran Abbas, rubbished claims of being mentally challenged. And now, in an interview, the Baaji actor has claimed she was in fact taken into a mental asylum upon visiting a hospital in New York for different reasons.

When asked what exactly went down at NYC’s Brookline Hospital, Meera said “I got vaccinated for Covid-19 from the institute and was getting my following tests done.”

She recalled being taken aback by the news that hit the internet after her routine checkup with the doctor. But is it true that she was taken to a mental asylum and is now being deported from the US? “It’s midnight over here at the moment and everyone at my place is fast asleep. I can’t talk in detail right now,” she responded in an attempt to dodge the question.

But in a following WhatsApp message, Meera revealed, “I visited the hospital because I was in depression and in turn, I was declared mentally challenged. My phone was also snatched and I was taken to a psychiatric facility. There’s a difference between madness and depression, which has to be understood. But people here locked me up. I spent an entire night screaming for help. No one came.”

She then disclosed that after her mother appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, a call from the latter made her release possible. “Mr Sheikh Rasheed got in touch with the Pakistani embassy in New York, which requested the facility to let me go,” she said. The actor also clarified that she was not being deported from the US, but was only leaving for Dubai to shoot for a Pakistani project.