IHC hails Law Ministry’s reply on construction of Judicial Complex


Islamabad – Press Release:

Chief Justice High Court has appreciated response by the Law Ministry regarding the progress on the construction of state-of-the-art Judicial Complex in Islamabad.
Secretary Law, Raja Naeem Akbar appeared before the court on Tuesday and apprised the court that he visited the Federal Judicial Complex on Monday to assess the administrative difficulties faced by learned judges. He also informed the Court that a separate 5 acre plot is being allotted for establishing facilities for the litigants and the Lawyers at the Complex. The Court was also informed that two five acre plots have been allotted for construction of separate judicial complexes for the District (West) and (East), respectively. One of the plots is vacant while on the other the Islamabad High Court has been temporarily established. The title of the plot is in the name of the Ministry of Law and Justice and the planning and construction of the building is subject to strict compliance with the enforced laws. Construction of a Judicial Complex on the vacant plot will be sufficient to meet the requirements at the stage.
The court, observed that while not much was done to ameliorate the appallingly deplorable conditions of the District Courts in the last four decades, a process of reform has been initiated in past two years to improve the ‘District Judiciary so that it can serve the actual stakeholders in accordance with the constitutional mandate of providing inexpensive and expeditious justice. The most important facet of the reform process is shifting the District courts to a state of the art judicial complex. This Court records its appreciation for the response received from the Federal Government.’