Message from Kanwal khan on Pakistan Day


Pakistan was established as Islamic Republic in 23rd March 1956. The people of Pakistan celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with great deal and enthusiasm, to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of sub-continent Muslims who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Minto Park, Lahore in 1940. The Lahore Resolution Day parade by the armed forces is a common celebration for the event. As a wife of an armed force officer, I used to attend the parade with family every year which instilled a lot of patriotism within us.
23rd March is a day of promise to work for the progress of Pakistan, with honesty, sincerity , dedication and to the best of one’s ability ALLAH Almighty has bestowed on oneself. Quaid’s message of Work, Work and Work – can only lead us to prosperity. Pakistan has given to us our identity and it is our duty to give its due to Pakistan and shall remain united.
On Pakistan Day, May ALLAH bless us all with integrity to be proud of our country. May we all understand the true meaning of Pakistan Resolution passed on this day.(Ameen)