Sheikh Rasheed receives coronavirus vaccine


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed got his first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine on Monday.

Speaking to the media, he remarked that the vaccine is completely safe and people are spreading baseless rumours against it. “It is a conspiracy against China.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan also got the same vaccine, he said. The doctors told me that they have administered the vaccine to 4,000 people and no complaints have been reported yet.

Sinopharm vaccine being given to everyone over 60 years in Pakistan. 

One dose of the vaccine does not confer full immunity. You need both doses. While we don’t know the exact duration, most experts say immunity after vaccination lasts between four and six months. 

A person develops:

  • partial immunity two weeks after the first dose
  • full immunity two weeks after the second dose

This is why those who are vaccinated still need to wear masks and heed all other coronavirus precautions.