Counterfeit cigarettes: Excise dept accused of getting huge commission from Way Ward


Muzaffarabad – Shoaib Mehmood:

The Excise and Taxation Department has showed negligence from taking action against Counterfeiting.

The performance of the Excise Department has been questioned, while the Police in various operations have seized a large amount of counterfeit cigarettes from Way Ward, the manufacturing company.

FIR has been registered against Babar Taj, the owner of the company.

Civil society and the public have strongly expressed concern over the quietness of concerned Excise officer Asim Shaukat.

The Citizens questioned the role of the Federal Excise and Taxation Authority and urged the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to take action against counterfeiters.

It has also been told that they( Excise) are getting huge commission from Way Ward (counterfeit company) and therefore no action is being taken against them.