Easy access for women to get registered with NIC


Islamabad – Press Release:

Unregistered eligible-age women should have easy access to get registered with NIC and Voter registration and they must have access to get benefit with social safety nets programs this was the crux of the round table held conference for “inclusion of unregistered marginalized women in social safety nets” the event was organized by Pattan Development Organization in collaboration with Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) at Islamabad Hotel.

Representatives from social safety net institutions, civil society organizations and journalists participated in the event to discuss and highlight the challenges to register unregistered women with NADRA make them able to get relief packages from social safety net institutions.

PATTAN did identification of 25 low registration blocks in district Islamabad in UC Khana Dak, Sarai Kharbuza and Tarnol, 1556 unregistered women were identified. According to the survey results majority households 401 monthly income is below-15,000 while only 31 households said their monthly income is above 40,000.

PATTAN is doing efforts to facilitate unregistered women with NIC registration, 300 women had been facilitated with NIC registration. Unregistered women are deprived from following 5 following basic rights due to non-having CNIC.

  • Deprived from voting.
  • Deprived of access to BISP, EHSAAS etc.
  • Deprived of inheritance.
  • Deprived of Hajj and Umrah and foreign travel.
  • Deprived of higher education and to banks.  

Issues from supply side NADRA & ECP.

  • Shortage of NRCs (there are 3 NA constituencies, 50 UCs but only two NRCs established in Islamabad)
  • Shortage of Mobile Registration Vans (MRVs)
  • Network issues in MRVs
  • Slow processing at NRCs and MRVs as well
  • Unnecessary requirements for new registration with NIC
  • Political bias
  • Attitude of NADRA staff

Following resolution points passed by the participants.

  • NIC registration is the responsibility of state. The state should own this responsibility
  • NADRA staff is rude to the applicants, action should be taken against those staff
  • Birth certificate should be ensured in all over Pakistan
  • NADRA should be decentralized its stricture and in 2 Union Councils must have one NADRA franchise.
  • Midwives and lady health workers should be authorized to issue birth certificates.