Letter to editor

AOA! today I am going to discuss the most dangerous disease in the form of virus “coronavirus” which is started from the city of china Wuhan but gradually it is spreading all over the world which is very alarming. According to doctors there are some patients found in Pakistan as well.

 The newest data from scientists show that persons with the Coronavirus never get over it. Patients just keep getting sick, then better, then sick again. Persons in our community could very well come down with the disease. These people belong in a large hospital in a big city that is prepared for this type of disease. There are rumored to be several thousand persons in our country with Coronavirus 19. Our government is not making smart decisions.

Our government should have to take effective decisions so that we will stay safe from this dangerous virus. Hope so our government will soon take some steps to control on this virus. Thank you

                                                                                                                                           Zarish Sajid