Easter Message of His Grace Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

          Easter is the oldest and most solemn feast in the history of the Church. The faith in the resurrection of Christ is the foundation of Christian faith. St. Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians writes, “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is without substance, and so is your faith” (1 Cor. 15:14). That’s why the origin of our faith is the resurrection of Christ, and that is the Good News which we are called to spread in the whole world.  

          After the death of Christ, the disciples felt that they were left alone. The situation of the death of Christ created fear and anxiety in them and they were in a state of darkness and hopelessness. If we examine our society in present time, we would feel that human beings are surrounded by many dangers created by themselves. There is an unidentified fear surrounding us. Fights, wars, bomb explosions, terrorism, sectarianism, accidents, earthquakes, disasters, epidemics, and at present the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic has effected badly in different ways human life all over the world. The people are confined at their homes. The places of worship, education, business, recreation, even the places to buy our basic needs are closed down. The human beings are in the state of fear and anxiety: This anxiety brings hopelessness and sometimes lack of faith in their lives. There is only one way of over coming this hopelessness that is “Trust in God”. The Trust in God strengths us in our faith and helps us to overcome our difficulties and sufferings. Easter, the feast of resurrection of Jesus eliminates all types of fear and anxiety from our lives, and conveys the message of life. For this it is important that we, like the disciples, experience the resurrected Christ in our life.

Christ who is truly risen is to be also risen in our lives. This will give a new direction to our lives. Celebrating the feast of Easter, let us reflect on our lives in order to see whether Christ is risen in our lives too or not? Or we still continue to burry Christ in the graves of our sins and greed. Let us pray that in this time of Easter season, the victory of Christ over death may change our lives and make us heirs of life eternal, which Christ has promised to his followers.

Celebrating the joy of Easter, let us also not forget all those affected and are suffering due to COVID-19 epidemic. We pray for all who have lost their lives and their families. We entrust all the sick and suffering in the hands of God, may Almighty God protect them and grant them good health. We also remember and pray for all those in healthcare, and are taking care of the patients of COVID-19 that God be with them and bless them in their efforts and services. Out of the love for humanity and as responsible citizens we all are to play our role in this difficult time of pandemic and we must do everything to protect the vulnerable and needy people and specially out of all that God has given us in life we must come forward to share and help all those people who somehow the other are suffering as result of Coronavirus pandemic. At the end I pray for our beloved country Pakistan, so it may progress and that peace and harmony may always reign and that all may work together for its prosperity. I pray and wish you all a very blessed and Happy Easter.