Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Super Tuesday: Biden seals comeback with string of victories


Alabama, 04 March 2020 – Staff Reporter:

Fourteen states and one territory held nominating contests for the Democratic Party’s candidate for president on Tuesday, the most pivotal day on the presidential primary calendar.

Joe Biden has won eight of the 14 states that voted to pick a Democratic White House candidate on Super Tuesday, a remarkable rebound for his campaign. Former Vice President Joe Biden won the primaries in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Texas and ended the night with the most delegates. Sen. Bernie Sanders came out on top in Colorado, Utah and his home state of Vermont.

More than 1,300 of the 1,991 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic White House nomination in July. As things stand, Mr Biden has 396 delegates and Mr Sanders 314.

Joe Biden286,63063.17%
Bernie Sanders75,32616.60%
Michael Bloomberg52,84411.65%
Elizabeth Warren26,1255.76%
Michael Bennet2,2950.51%
Pete Buttigieg1,4660.32%
Tulsi Gabbard1,0670.24%
Tom Steyer1,0540.23%
Amy Klobuchar9140.20%
Andrew Yang8900.20%
Cory Booker7390.16%
John Delaney2930.06%
Marianne Williamson2280.05%
Julian Castro1820.04%