We all have wings to take us high: Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle’s recent Instagram post: In her post she is sharing her experience with Pakistani bike rider girls and motivating them.

We all have wings to take us high. But unless you make that leap of faith, you will never know you were meant to fly.

When I was in Karachi, I had the great pleasure of being introduced to the @pinkriderspakistan
It is an enthusiastic group of women, who have come together to inspire other girls to ride. They’ve created a riding club where they meet weekly, have group rides and provide lessons to new female riders, taught by qualified women riders like @rukhsaar_bashir .

Open to any one, any skill level, the group is slowly growing and it’s being more widely accepted and encouraged for girls to get out and start riding.

Although they still struggle to be taken seriously and have their voice heard. The girls hosted a rally early last year to encourage more women to start riding. At the last minute all sponsored backed out because some did not believe women should be riding. The Pink Riders did not give up and eventually got the backing they needed. 70 women showed up for the rally and proudly completed 90 km showing that women can and should ride.

In this group I met many women from all walks of life. Ladies who preferred to ride solo, others who dreamt of traveling across Pakistan with their husbands. All of which who were being supported by their friends and family to go out and achieve this dream of freedom on two wheels.

I met one young girl who said riding saved her life. She never felt such freedom and elation than when on her bike and it saved her from a lot of mental distress.

I couldn’t agree more- riding has been a huge savior in my life and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

To many girls, we’re told we can’t or shouldn’t ride. It’s intimidating for most and overwhelming at the thought. I love seeing groups of women come together to inspire others to get out and try. Showing you that it’s not so scary or difficult. And the rewards and feelings you get when you finally step out of fear and give it a try.