Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Pakistani nation stands with Chinese brethren in battle against coronavirus outbreak: Ambassador Hashmi

Beijing: (Special Correspondent) Pakistan Ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi on Friday said the entire Pakistani nation was standing with their Chinese brethren in the difficult time and expressed the confidence that the Chinese government and people with commitment, resolve, and hard work would very soon win the battle against the new coronavirus outbreak.

“We like true brothers and true friends have always stood by China, are standing with China and will continue to stand with China in this difficult time of novel coronavirus outbreak,” she said during an interactive session with the media along with Deputy Director, Asian Department, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yao Wen here at Pakistan Embassy.

Showing solidarity with China amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak, she said, “We have no doubt that with its determination, confidence, resolve, hard work and tremendous measures put in a place to contain and cure this virus, they will very soon be successful and controlling this disease.”

Ambassador Hashmi said tremendous efforts were being made to prevent and control the virus, and both Pakistan and China were standing shoulder to shoulder in the challenging time.

Expressing deep grief at the loss of precious lives in China, she saluted the heroic Chinese workers who were at the forefront dealing with the epidemic from causing further harm.

She said the temporary difficulty posed by the virus would soon come to an end as China had put in place mammoth arrangements to prevent and control and save the Chinese people as well as foreign nationals, particularly the Pakistani community.

Sharing the latest condition of Pakistani students particularly in Wuhan and Hubei province, she informed the media that the Chinese government was making all-out efforts for the health and safety of Pakistani community and students in Wuhan.

“We are in touch with our students in China particularly in Wuhan and Hubei province, the epicenter of coronavirus epidemic,” she added.

Ambassador Hashmi said the embassy had put effective measures in coordination with the Chinese government, Hubei provincial authorities, Wuhan city administration and universities where Pakistani students were studying.

“We have established hotlines where our officers are available round the clock to receive calls and emails and they are in touch with our students,” she added.

She said there were over 1,000 Pakistani students in Hubei province out of which 729 were in Wuhan. “All are in fine health and nobody has been affected.”

About the four students who were tested positive, she said they were taken to hospital where they were being treated and would soon be discharged from the hospital.

She thanked the Chinese government and provincial authorities, especially in Wuhan, for providing level best facilities to Pakistani students. “This has added to the confidence of our students.”

Ambassador Hashmi also asked the students in Wuhan and Hubei to stay firm, to have faith and to be patient. “We are worried about you, we are all with you, we assure that our Chinese friends and authorities will ensure your well-being.”
She advised the students to follow the regulations and procedures introduced by the

Chinese government in the prevailing situation because that was the only way to ensure their security.

She also assured them that the restriction of movement would be removed by the Chinese government as soon as the situation was improved.

“At the moment, the best thing to do is to follow and cooperate with the authorities because of the Chinese authorities were practically monitoring every individual and the moment they suspect anybody developing any symptoms, they immediately isolate him and provide medical care. This kind of monitoring is not possible in any other country,” she said.

Speaking on the occasion, Yao Wen thanked the Pakistani government and people for their response and support to China in the fight against coronavirus, particularly the donation of medical equipment and resumption of flight operation.

He said the Chinese side would welcome anybody who wanted to come to help it in the battle against the disease and the outbreak.

About the measures taken by China against the virus, he said what China had done not only for its own people but also the health and safety of other nationals across the world.

Regarding the safety of Pakistani students in Wuhan, he said, “We are still looking forward to understanding and support from Pakistani people.”

Yao Wen assured that China would do whatever it could do to help those Pakistani living in the country.”With your support, we will overcome this problem. Please trust us.”

He said China would win the battle against the epidemic as they had confidence that the outbreak would make the bilateral relations between the two countries stronger and they had deeper trust and wider cooperation.

Terming the epidemic an unprecedented crisis, he assured that the Chinese government had confidence, capacity and determination to win the battle to control the disease.

About the resolve of top leadership and the response of the institutions, he said a nationwide mechanism had been established while all possible resources and manpower had been mobilized to deal with the disease.

He said the government had taken strict and most comprehensive measures so far. “We have set up new hospitals as well as makeshift hospitals for the treatment of patients in Hubei, our researchers are racing against time to develop medicine and there is a breakthrough.”

Yao Wen said although the situation was sensitive but manageable as suspected cases were going down during last three days.

He said the efforts of the Chinese government had drawn support from the international community and the World Health Organization (WHO) had also recognized the same, and expressed confidence over it.

“We have also requested all the countries not to evacuate the people from China,” he added.

Terming the protection of the foreign nations a top priority, he said China attached high importance to foreign nationals, including Pakistani brethren and students.

Minister (Political) Ahmed Farooq briefed the media about the measures taken by the embassy to facilitate Pakistani students and members of the community in view of the outbreak.

He appreciated the Chinese government for making comprehensive arrangements for prevention and control of the coronavirus and maintaining social order in affected areas and the rest of the country as well as the supply of edible items and medicines.

He on behalf of people and the government of Pakistan also offered sincere condolences on the precious loss of lives in China and prayed for early and full recovery of those who had been affected by the epidemic.

A number of Pakistani students during the interactive session thanked the Chinese government for its support and ample facilities to Pakistani students during the prevailing situation.

They assured their support to the Chinese government and vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the campaign against the new coronavirus.