2,000 bushes planted along Kashmir Highway

ISLAMABAD (Mudasser Chudhary) More than 2,000 plants were recently planted on the Kashmir Highway of Islamabad. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) become tasked to carry out landscaping and tree plantation alongside the Kashmir Highway within the month of January. The cause of this initiative was to defend the right of way and green belt along the Kashmir Highway from encroachments and illegal structures.   In accordance with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan concerning safety and enhancement of the inexperienced individual of the Islamabad, tree plantation and landscaping paintings is in full swing and because of regular efforts up till now 2,000 vegetation have been planted.  The tree plantation is being accomplished with the collaboration and assistance of all concerned departments which include CDA, ICT Administration, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad. In order to enhance survival charge six feet tall grown trees are being planted. During this distinct marketing campaign, up until now 1,200 grown plants had been planted at the phase from G-thirteen to G-14, 250 grown pine have been planted from G-9 to G-10 at the same time as plantation of grown trees at the segment along the sector G-11 is in progress. Similarly, the tree plantation could be also achieved at the each aspects along the sector G-8. The basic objective of planting grown trees is to ensure survival and proper growth of the plants.