PM urges world to become voice of resilient Kashmiri women

PM Imran Khan

Islamabad, 23February 2020 – Mudasser Chudhary:

Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday urged the world community, especially women, to become voice of resilient Kashmiri women for peace in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K).

On his twitter account, the prime minister referred to observance of Kashmir Women Resistance Day on February 23 and said for 7 decades, Indian forces had committed war crimes against women in the IOJ&K.

Their sufferings have multiplied after 5th August siege by the Modi’s government, he added.

The Kashmiri Women Resistance Day was observed to remember the iconic struggle of the survivors of mass rape and torture in the twin villages of IOJ&K; Kunan and Poshpora during 1991 against the brutal and illegal occupation of Indian forces.